So many standards to choose from!

As we begin our digitisation project of the Lloyd’s Register Foundation archives, we are conscious of maintaining good practice and developing a system that keeps the users in mind. However, it has become increasingly clear that there are no national standards or guidelines for initiating such projects so we have had to start by looking at some international […]

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How much do we have?!

On 7 November 2014, the Heritage and Education Centre team went down to the National Maritime Museum stores, where most of our documents currently are, to have a look at the extent of the collection. Little did we know just how vast the archives are … and we want to digitise as much as possible! Row upon row […]

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And so it begins …

This year, Lloyd’s Register Foundation have given the go ahead to begin exploring the expansive world of digitisation for the Heritage and Education Centre Archives. They have recruited both myself (Charlotte Atkinson) and Sean Clemenson to drive the project under the guidance of our colleagues in the Heritage and Education Centre. This ambitious plan intends to develop a […]

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