Going Beyond Digitisation Conference 29-30 October 2015


We had a fantastically successful conference in October; thank you to everyone who was able to attend. All of the slideshows from the day have been uploaded to here. The event was also filmed, which is currently being edited. When this is complete it will be posted online, as will our written report of the outcomes from both days. The description of the conference is below.

We don’t know everything. In fact we know very little given that our experience is thus far largely theoretical. But then I don’t think anyone knows everything, even the big museums and archives, because digitisation is such a wide term for a huge variety of projects, using different collections, in different institutions, with different aims. There isn’t even an overarching English guideline on digitisation. As a result there is a huge possibility to learn from other projects that work in different realities.

Many places seem to be digitising their collections at the moment but, often due to funding restraints, very few are considering what happens after digitisation. It’s fantastic to increase access to material using digital copies and a website but is this enough? Does innovation stop there before it has even started?

Going beyond Digitisation final invitation header

To investigate this further Lloyd’s Register Foundation is hosting a two-day digitisation event with representatives from innovative digitisation projects across the world to discuss their different approaches.

We encourage experienced managers or members of staff that have worked on your digitisation project to attend the first day, which will include speakers from digitisation projects across the world and a concluding discussion panel. In addition to these more experienced individuals, we would also like you to send a relatively new member of staff that has much less experience in the industry. These individuals are invited to attend both days of the conference. The first, alongside their more experienced colleagues, will demonstrate the innovations in the industry at the moment and the second will be a workshop for these new professionals to discuss challenges and opportunities arising from the previous day with like-minded people that are less influenced by previous experience. With speakers like Europeana, the British Library and Canadiana taking part, the event promises to be a thought provoking melting pot for new ideas. For more information and the conference program see the document below.

Now for the important part, in order to keep this conference as open as possible and encourage people from further afield to attend, it is FREE!

Not only do you get to hear the fantastic speakers and hopefully get some new ideas and contacts to take back to your own project, but we are also providing tea and lunch both days. Furthermore, on the Thursday we are holding a free dinner after the conference has finished for all delegates.

All you have to do is book your place by filling in the form below and emailing it to charlotte.atkinson@lr.org

Going beyond Digitisation final Documents


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